R4-RA Trial Management Team

  • EMR Clinical Trials Manager: Louise Warren
  • EMR Trial Monitors: Gavri Luhar and Jordyn Allan
  • EMR Clinical Trials Data Manager: Louise Warren
  • Biobank Managers: Georgina Thorborn
  • Lab Manager: Dr Rebecca Hands
  • I.T. Systems & Projects Manager: Vladan Petrovic

For all enquiries regarding the R4-RA Trial
please contact R4RA Trial Manager:

  • Email: l.warren@qmul.ac.uk

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R4RA Project Administration:
In order to ensure effective and efficient administration of the R4-RA trial, the following administrative infrastructure is in place:

Project Management: Project/Trial management is carried out by EMR Clinical Trials Team (EMR CTC Manager, EMR Trials Manager, CTA) to ensure optimal coordination and administration of this programme together with timely and high quality data collection and analysis.

Lab Manager and Biobank Manager:
Highly experienced Lab Manager, Biobank Manager and Lab Assistant are working closely to ensure efficient processing, storing and high fidelity archiving of R4-RA biological samples.

Data Management:
An online database has been created by Vladan Petrovic and his web development team to act as a central repository for all the R4-RA trial clinical and samples data. Data submission to the database is via an encrypted and password protected link dedicated to individual users at participating centres. This database is designed to provide an online facility to the clinical data that is being entered. This offers advantages of real time data transfer, in-built data validation checks and user audit trails.
Further, this application allows the clinician at a remote centre, to view histopathology reports and representative micrographs of submitted trial samples as soon as they are prepared at the central repository.
Finally, a R4-RA database manual has been constructed and disseminated to the participating R4-RA centres. This manual details online access to the R4-RA clinical and samples database for participating sites.

The R4-RA trial is funded by the MRC-NIHR Efficacy and
Mechanism Evaluation Programme